Monday, September 29, 2008

We Are Yours

You’ve called our name, you’ve sought us out
You gave us a song of praise
You set our feet upon a rock
now set our spirits ablaze

Remind us when we first tasted Your goodness
when we could not keep our lips sealed
When we testified to all who would listen
What Jesus in our lives had revealed

Take us to that place again
and burn our hearts anew
Take worship beyond words from our mouth
Let it be more than just something we do

Compel Your servants to full devotion
and by Your Spirit we’ll strive
to live like Christ and not grow dim
but in Him be fully alive

We are willing to be a people going beyond church walls
to be Your mouth, Your hands, and Your feet
So blot out our fears and complacency
and send us to the street

There is power in the gospel, when Your hand is upon Your saints
You have given us what we need from above
Now we just have to get out of ourselves
and spill out Your truth and love

Let’s splash those around us with authentic spirits
taking off any masks we may wear
Let’s carry the burdens of our fellow saints
and leave drops of compassion and care

So with confidence we approach the throne of grace
With a commitment to yield fully to You
I offer my mind, heart and soul
as vessels Your Spirit lives through

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