Monday, September 29, 2008

Leaky Roof

Knawing at my empty stomach

Can’t sleep

Like an animal trying to swim through oil
I struggle to move past these emotions

But this ache comes with those dead-end
Want to end
That haven’t ended

The slow sticky oil surrounds my soul as it takes its toll

Like rain dripping in from a leaking roof
Filling a bucket
You leak into me
Filling my head and drenching my heart

When I close my eyes I feel your breath
I feel your hand behind my head
Your other hand on my chest
My heart beats faster now
So I open my eyes to realize



The bucket spills and makes a mess
As all these emotions pour out as I shout
I punch nothing wanting to feel nothing

About you

Empty out of me or come back to me
Just please don’t leave and I’ll let go

(I know)

It doesn’t work that way

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