Sunday, March 22, 2009


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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little Info About My Poetry...

Much of my poetry is from time's past when I have experienced much heartache. You may look at it and think of it as dark, or depressing, but I see someone who the Lord has redeemed. I see a new creation in myself. Eventually I will probably put the poetry in order, from oldest to newest, but for now it's just all mixed up.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Will Not Be Yours

Creeping up like a lion to its prey
You want to devour me
Seduce me
Reduce me to that confused little girl I once was

You want me to crave and need this sin of love
That is not really love at all
but a lie
a great defeat
that breeds deceit

Let me go, set me free, rescue me
from this ache in the pit of my being
and licking my wounds
and my claws

You have no hold over me and yet
you continue to creep
but I will not be your catch
so leave

I cry out to You who saves, rescue me from the one who hunts me!
Secure me and give me peace
I beg

Torn Edges

I hate the way the perforated edges don't stop the paper from tearing as I try to release it from it's metal grip.

I hate this perforated emotion that is supposed to gently be released from old familiars grip, instead to be torn and ripped with some left and some let go.

Thank God His grace pours over my torn edges.

Leaky Roof

Knawing at my empty stomach

Can’t sleep

Like an animal trying to swim through oil
I struggle to move past these emotions

But this ache comes with those dead-end
Want to end
That haven’t ended

The slow sticky oil surrounds my soul as it takes its toll

Like rain dripping in from a leaking roof
Filling a bucket
You leak into me
Filling my head and drenching my heart

When I close my eyes I feel your breath
I feel your hand behind my head
Your other hand on my chest
My heart beats faster now
So I open my eyes to realize



The bucket spills and makes a mess
As all these emotions pour out as I shout
I punch nothing wanting to feel nothing

About you

Empty out of me or come back to me
Just please don’t leave and I’ll let go

(I know)

It doesn’t work that way

A Letter

I feel that I am not myself, that I am at this moment some how not connected to this body, my body, my soul, my brain, my heart. Who am I? It's so weird the way I feel right now. I feel as though I could scream or breakdown and cry for no reason at all. I'm so scared because I feel like my only true secret, my only real weakness is coming back to haunt me, to drive me insane or to put a bullet through my head. But you know me so well, you know I could never kill myself, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to die if I deserved it. My senses are starting to awake now. I can feel the cold floor beneath me and the hard brick wall behind me. I can hear the people around me, but the words are all foreign to me. Would you still love me if our lives fell apart? I just want to go home and hide in my bed and all curled up in the darkness. Silence is what feels best now. My back is hurting and the cold from the floor is creeping through my body so I must go.



I am a girl.

I am weak.

I am attached.

I try to act tough.

They see rigth through me.



Dead shadows on the wall;

Silence that reminds you of how lonely you really are.

The Feather

Gliding down my face, smooth, soft. It tickles, ever so sweetly. It floats gently down to the hard wood floor, whisping to and fro until it finds its place and settles. For a moment. Until laughter and the pitter patter of small feet send it scurrying to a lonely corner, a safe corner, where it will find rest, for now.

I Give My Life To Thee

Oh God, please forgive my flesh
as it wages war on my soul
Remind me how I am not my own
for You have paid the toll

When the darkness comes and the enemy prowls
may I throw myself upon You
Because selfish desires lead to mighty fires
and my strength alone won't do

Remind me how you took my place, trading sin for grace
even though I deserve the flame
What a monster am I to wallow in pity
I should hide my face in shame

But NO I won't!
for this is why you died
That I may approach the throne of grace
for my sin has already been tried!

Oh thank you my Savior!
Thank you for choosing me
A willing bond-servant now am I
so my life I give to Thee

I will flee, I will flee...

Behind Those Eyes

Who is behind those eyes?
I want to know...I want to know you.
I see a smile, an uncertain sort of smile
were you really sad all the while?
I don’t think you knew if you were sad
I don’t think you knew much of anything
you just were...
You were not the pretty girl
or the one everyone wanted to be friends with
you were different...strange
I think you probably loved to laugh
I think you were very generous
and sensitive
I bet you would have loved to have curled up in arms of love
I bet you would have loved wonderful stories
I think you were swimming through dark waters
you just couldn’t see
but you swam
and swam
It probably felt safe, comforting to be someone else

Some Kind of Disorder

Good day, bad day

Good moment, bad moment (want some Prozac?)

I love you yesterday
I love you in the meantime

I don't know

Nothing is consistent
Everything is scattered

Today I don't feel
Today I feel too much

I'm sinking

I'm mean and cold
Get off me, don't touch me
I'm dry

I'm not mad at you
I'm just messed up and no one sees it
because I'm so together, you know, on the outside and all

"Have you lost your charisma and charm?"
"Oh, there it is, you're back to normal."

Normal! Ha!

Not tonight.

Large Coat

I wrapped his large coat around me like a comforter, burrowing my body in deep curling up in it. As I opened the door I checked to make sure it was unlocked and then quietly stepped into the cold. As I feel the wind slide over my face, it chills me like a large cold rock beneath my head. I like it. The hard grey sky, with a distant blue, is like that rock, although I can’t touch it. It stares at me through bare trees with soberness. I pull my coat tighter so that it warms my cold frame with a hug. Closed eyes, alone, peace.

We Are Yours

You’ve called our name, you’ve sought us out
You gave us a song of praise
You set our feet upon a rock
now set our spirits ablaze

Remind us when we first tasted Your goodness
when we could not keep our lips sealed
When we testified to all who would listen
What Jesus in our lives had revealed

Take us to that place again
and burn our hearts anew
Take worship beyond words from our mouth
Let it be more than just something we do

Compel Your servants to full devotion
and by Your Spirit we’ll strive
to live like Christ and not grow dim
but in Him be fully alive

We are willing to be a people going beyond church walls
to be Your mouth, Your hands, and Your feet
So blot out our fears and complacency
and send us to the street

There is power in the gospel, when Your hand is upon Your saints
You have given us what we need from above
Now we just have to get out of ourselves
and spill out Your truth and love

Let’s splash those around us with authentic spirits
taking off any masks we may wear
Let’s carry the burdens of our fellow saints
and leave drops of compassion and care

So with confidence we approach the throne of grace
With a commitment to yield fully to You
I offer my mind, heart and soul
as vessels Your Spirit lives through

No Motivation

No motivation
Empty and lonely
Crushed spirit
Watery eyes
I just want to sleep