Monday, September 29, 2008

I Give My Life To Thee

Oh God, please forgive my flesh
as it wages war on my soul
Remind me how I am not my own
for You have paid the toll

When the darkness comes and the enemy prowls
may I throw myself upon You
Because selfish desires lead to mighty fires
and my strength alone won't do

Remind me how you took my place, trading sin for grace
even though I deserve the flame
What a monster am I to wallow in pity
I should hide my face in shame

But NO I won't!
for this is why you died
That I may approach the throne of grace
for my sin has already been tried!

Oh thank you my Savior!
Thank you for choosing me
A willing bond-servant now am I
so my life I give to Thee

I will flee, I will flee...

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